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GLOSS Station Handbook – Portland

The GLOSS Station Handbook is currently being re-designed and upgraded.

Until a new version is available, the tide gauge station list below from the last version of the Handbook provides links to further details about each tide gauge in the GLOSS Core Network. Click the GLOSS number buttons to view the information. Click column headings to sort the table.

Station information

Gloss number55
Station namePortland
Time zone150E, GMT + 10hrs
Latitude (+ve N)-38.34333
Longitude (+ve E)141.61333
Observation periodsAnalogue float gauge 1982-1993; Acoustic 1991-
Responsible countryAustralia
Authority responsible for tide gaugeNational Tidal Centre, Australia (see GLOSS Contact Points).
GLOSS contactAustralia
Committed to GLOSSYes
Location map
Digital dataYes
Aditional parametersBarometric pressure, water/air temperature, wind speed and direction
Data acquisition rate6 minute interval
Real-time data availableYes
Additional parameters (real-time)None
Tide gauge benchmarkPortland (PM) 390 / BM38-81 3D Brass pin in concrete at the northern end of the K S Anderson Wharf 3D 2.943m above the Australian Height Datum and 3.450m above Chart Datum.
Benchmark relationshipsZero of tide staff is 0.022m below Tide Gauge Zero (TGZ) and 0.507m below the Australian Height Datum
TGZ is 3.426m below PM386.
TGZ is 2.820m below PM298.
Chart Datum is 0.014m below TGZ and 0.507m below the Australian Height Datum (AHD).
Auxiliary benchmarksPortland (PM) 386
Portland (PM) 387 (HSM) /1464-2H = 3.408m AHD
Portland (PM) 298
Portland (PM) 378 (HSM)
Portland (PM) 116 / GBM103 = datum for AHD heights = 8.662m AHD
Portland (PM) 393 / P203-1H = Coastal Array; Primary BM = 3.517m AHD
Portland (PM) 238
Portland (PM) 388
Portland (PM) 239
Portland (PM) 389
Portland (PM) 390
SEAFRAME Sensor BM = 2.918m AHD
Data at PSMSL
Annual MSL (RLR) dataRLR 1547
Annual MSL (RLR) plot
MSL methodHourly means
PSMSL code1547
Other relevant codesNTF port no. 61410
Additional information
Other relevant informationPSMSL also hold data from another gauge at Portland (PSMSL Code 680/232: 1982-1990).
Nearest Met. stationAdelaide Airport
Last updated16 October 2002