GLOSS Station Handbook

GLOSS Station Handbook – Dikson

The GLOSS Station Handbook is currently being re-designed and upgraded.

Until a new version is available, the tide gauge station list below from the last version of the Handbook provides links to further details about each tide gauge in the GLOSS Core Network. Click the GLOSS number buttons to view the information. Click column headings to sort the table.

Station information

Gloss number312
Station nameDikson
Time zone045E, GMT + 3hrs
Latitude (+ve N)73.36666
Longitude (+ve E)80.65
Observation periods1915-
Responsible countryRussia
GLOSS contactRussian Federation
Committed to GLOSSNo
Additional parameters (real-time)None
Data at PSMSL
Annual MSL (RLR) dataRLR 611
Annual MSL (RLR) plot
PSMSL code611
Additional information
Last updated28 November 1993