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GLOSS Station Handbook – St John's, Newfoundland

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Station information

Gloss number223
Station nameSt John's, Newfoundland
Time zone052.5W, GMT - 3.5hrs
Latitude (+ve N)47.56666
Longitude (+ve E)-52.71666
Observation periods1925, 1935-
Responsible countryCanada
Authority responsible for tide gaugeDept. of Fisheries and Oceans, CHS Maritimes, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, P.O. Box 1006, Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 4A2, Canada
GLOSS contactCanada
Committed to GLOSSYes
Location map
Digital dataYes
Data acquisition rateContinuous graph and 15 minute intervals, sampled hourly.
Fast delivery data at UHSLCData 276 File format
High frequency data at BODCData 223 Document 34131
High frequency data at UHSLCData 276a Data 276b Document 276a Document 276b File format
Real-time data availableYes
Additional parameters (real-time)None
Tide gauge benchmark90F9000 A CHS tablet set vertically in the base of a concrete colonnade at the NE corner of the building of the Harvey Oil office. The building has a brick north face. The tablet is set into the top of the base 0.3m above the asphalt drive.
Benchmark relationships1957 BM75K elevation 7.276m above Chart Datum (also see below)
1958-1959 BM HS elevation 7.276m above Chart Datum
1960-1979 BM77K elevation 3.602m above Chart Datum
1980-1987 BM77K elevation 3.602m above Chart Datum
Auxiliary benchmarks77K A GSC tablet set horizontally in the Canadian National Railway Station west wall, 1m north of the main entrance and 0.9m below a window.
87F9000 A CHS tablet set horizontally in the NE corner pillar of the auxiliary electrical building of the MOT complex.
Tablet 0.58m above concrete base & 0.18m west of the corner of the bldg. Elevation is 3.562m above Chart Datum.
Data at PSMSL
Annual MSL (RLR) dataRLR 393
Annual MSL (RLR) plot
MSL methodMean of hourly heights
PSMSL code393
Other relevant codesUHSLC 276
Additional information
Other relevant information1925-1937 Admiralty BM elevation 30.48m (Admiralty assumed datum)
** 1955-1956 BM76K elevation 7.154m above Chart Datum ** review pending
Auxiliary Benchmarks continued:
87F9001 A CHS tablet set vertically in a concrete guard post located on the west side of the 3rd loading door on the north side of the main depot bldg.Data available at, and
Nearest Met. stationSt. John's Weather Service
Last updated10 November 1997