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GLOSS Station Handbook – Baltra, Galapagos Is.

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Station information

Gloss number169
Station nameBaltra, Galapagos Is.
Time zone090W, GMT - 6hrs
Latitude (+ve N)-0.43333
Longitude (+ve E)-90.28333
Observation periods1968-1977, 1985-
Responsible countryEcuador
Authority responsible for tide gaugeDr. M. Merrifield, University of Hawaii, Dept. of Oceanography, 1000 Pope Road MSB 307, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822, U.S.A.
GLOSS contactEcuador
Committed to GLOSSYes
Fast delivery data at UHSLCData 003 File format
High frequency data at BODCData 169a Data 169b Document 57192 Document 57205
High frequency data at UHSLCData 003a Data 003b Document 003a Document 003b File format
Real-time data availableYes
Real-time data transmitted to GLOSS Fast Centre
Additional parameters (real-time)None
Tide gauge benchmarkUH-1: type not documented, located at 133ft, 40 deg. true N at SE corner of the fuel storage bldg. (established 24 Mar 1985)
Benchmark relationshipsDatum of data is zero of tide staff
UH-1 is 4.052m above tide staff zero (June 1985)
UH-2 is 4.189m above tide staff zero (June 1985)
Auxiliary benchmarksUH-2: type not documented, located at 133.33ft, 40 deg. true N at SE corner of fuel bldg. (established 24 Mar 1985)
UH-3: SS square plate located at base of the old lamp post just off line between the station and the lighthouse, located 237 deg. true N and about 250 ft from tide station (established 8 Jun 1990)
1: type not documented, behind storage area (established Apr 1988)
Data at PSMSL
Annual MSL (RLR) dataRLR 1645
Annual MSL (RLR) plot
MSL method24 hourly heights
PSMSL code1645
Other relevant codesUHSLC 003
Additional information
Other relevant informationOther benchmarks:
2A - 10cm disc stamped 'Instituto Oceanografico de l'Armada. Prohibido Tocar 1977'. 234 deg. True N of tide station.
SW1 - head of 1/4inch screw mounted on witch switch on Encoder well.
(2A and SW1 established 8 Jun 1990)
Last updated20 November 1997