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GLOSS Station Handbook – Chatham Is.

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Station information

Gloss number128
Station nameChatham Is.
CountryNew Zealand
Time zone180E, GMT + 12hr 45m
Latitude (+ve N)-43.95
Longitude (+ve E)-176.55
Responsible countryNew Zealand
Authority responsible for tide gaugeNZ Ministry of Civil Defence, PO Box 5143, Wellesley St, Auckland, New Zealand
GLOSS contactNew Zealand
Committed to GLOSSNo
Location map
Digital dataYes
Fast delivery data at UHSLCData 079 File format
High frequency data at UHSLCData 079a Document 079a File format
Real-time data availableYes
Real-time data transmitted to GLOSS Fast Centre
Additional parameters (real-time)None
Tide gauge benchmarkUpper of 3 brass pegs set in the sea wall near the root of the Waitangi wharf.
Benchmark relationshipsTide Gauge Zero (TGZ) = 4.65m below upper of 3 brass pegs
TGZ = 4.08m below middle of 3 brass pegs
TGZ = 3.54m below bottom of 3 brass pegs
Auxiliary benchmarksAux 1. Middle of 3 brass pegs set in the sea wall near the root of the Waitangi wharf
Aux 2. Bottom of 3 brass pegs set in the sea wall near the root of the Waitangi wharf
Data at PSMSL
Annual MSL (RLR) dataRLR 1920
Annual MSL (RLR) plot
MSL methodExtended harmonic analysis
PSMSL code1920
Other relevant codesUHSLC 079
Additional information
Other relevant informationA gauge has recently been installed at this site for Tsunami Warning project. At this point in time it is not related to any datum. It is hoped to relate the gauge in the near future to datum. Data are transmitted to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii.
Last updated5 December 1993