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GLOSS Station Handbook – Tarawa, Gilbert Is.

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Station information

Gloss number113
Station nameTarawa, Gilbert Is.
Time zone180E, GMT + 12hrs
Latitude (+ve N)1.36333
Longitude (+ve E)172.93
Observation periodsA: 1974-1983 B: 1983-1988 C: 1988-1997 D: 1992-
Responsible countryAustralia
Authority responsible for tide gaugeNational Tidal Centre, Australia (see GLOSS Contact Points).
GLOSS contactAustralia
Committed to GLOSSYes
Digital dataYes
Data acquisition rate15 minute interval, filtered to hourly values
Fast delivery data at UHSLCData 002 File format
High frequency data at BODCData 113a Data 113b Data 113c Document 77230 Document 57161 Document 57175 Document 57189
High frequency data at UHSLCData 002a Data 002b Data 002c Data 002d Document 002a Document 002b Document 002c Document 002d File format
Real-time data availableYes
Real-time data transmitted to GLOSS Fast Centre
Additional parameters (real-time)None
Tide gauge benchmarkBM1: SS bolt, no stamp, embedded in the concrete curb of the bulkhead directly above the tide staff (about 6ft west of the jetty)
(established December 1987)
Auxiliary benchmarksBM2: SS bolt, no stamp, embedded in the concrete foundation of the memorial on the corner facing the jetty (established Dec 1987)
BM3: SS bolt, no stamp, embedded in the centre (4th) concrete buttress of the freezer plant wall which faces towards the lagoon
BM4: SS bolt, no stamp, embedded in the concrete foundation of the ice plant at the SW corner, facing the channel into the boat harbour
Data at PSMSL
Annual MSL (RLR) dataRLR 1739 RLR 1579 RLR 1381 RLR 1804
Annual MSL (RLR) plot
MSL methodaverage of daily values
PSMSL code1804
Other relevant codesUHSLC 002
Additional information
Other relevant informationGauge located at 01deg 20N, 173deg 01E, 1973 - 1987 (Bairiki)
Gauge relocated to original location January 1988 (Betio)
Site A: PSMSL ref 730/006
Site B: PSMSL ref 730/007
Backup gauge at present site: Handar encoder
Additional benchmark, BM5: SS bolt embedded in the concrete porch on the SW corner of the National Fishing Company building, established Dec. 1990

An Aquatrak acoustic gauge was installed in 1992, at a slightly different location to the previous tide gauge.
Last updated30 January 2007