GLOSS Activities and Technical Training

GLOSS activities now include a large number of regional projects and products, and a range of international training courses and materials. The Implementation Plan 1997 provides a review of activities.

Training on 'How to Operate a Tide Gauge' is available as part of the IOC Manuals available from the PSMSL training page, and a manual on 'How to Operate GPS at Gauge Sites' is planned. The present manuals are also available in CDROM form from the PSMSL.

Training courses and workshops on sea level measurement and interpretation have been held at least annually since 1983 covering tide gauge installation, maintenance and operation; data reduction of sea level observations; geodetic fixing of tide gauge benchmarks; uses of sea level data in scientific analysis and practical coastal applications; and data exchange. Since 1993, the emphasis has been given to the training in computer-based data analysis within HOTS (Hands On Training Sessions), and to the application of the results to studies of regional and local processes and for practical purposes.

Training courses/workshops have been held in the UK (annually 1983-1990), China (1984), France (1990), Brazil (1993), India (1995), Argentina (1996), UK (1997), South Africa (1998), Brazil (1999), Saudi Arabia (2000), Chile (2003), Malaysia (2004), Japan (2006), Belgium (2006) and Puerto Rico (2008). Course reports on paper are available via the GLOSS Technical Secretary at IOC, while those available electronically are: