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GLOSS Experts Meeting No.8 Technical Workshop presentations

Workshop on New Technical Developments in Sea and Land Level Observing Systems.

Tuesday-Thursday October 14-16 October 2003, IOC, UNESCO, 1 Rue Miollis, Paris

The presentations here are a reflection of the Workshop Agenda.

The complete report, "New technical developments in sea and land level observing systems. Proceedings of meeting October 14-16 2003, Paris, France. IOC Workshop Report No 193." is available to download as a pdf file.

The presentations are password protected so that only the authors may alter them. To open as Read Only, click on the PowerPoint icon, select 'Open' and then select 'Read Only'. Many files are over 1 MB in size.

Opening of the Workshop and Welcome to IOC  Colin Summerhayes (IOC) Introduction presentation to GE8 workshop (WARNING: 11.02 MB)   
PART I: Tide gauge technologies
Acoustic gauges: 
Experience with Sonar Research & Development (SRD) acoustic gauges in Spain Begona Perez (Puertos del Estado, Spain) Presentation on Sonar and acoustic gauges from Spain (2.61 MB)   
Experience with SRD gauges and why we swapped to radar gauges Ruth Farre (Hydrographic Office, South Africa) Presentation on South African gauges (8.76 MB)   
Pressure gauges: 
Pressure transducer gauges Dov Rosen (IOLR, Israel) Presentation on pressure gauges from Israel (8.44 MB)   
S. Atlantic 'B gauges'  Simon Holgate (POL, UK) UK presentation on South Atlantic gauges (4.99 MB)   
Pressure gauge experiments in India and Ghana deployments Antony Joseph (NIO, India) Presentation from India on pressure gauges (1.02 MB)  
Experience in Chile with Handar pressure gauges Juan Fierro (SHOA, Chile) Presentation from Chile on pressure gauges (12.15 MB)  
Radar gauges: 
Comparative test of a bubbler and Ott Kalesto radar gauge at Liverpool Philip Woodworth (POL, UK) UK presentation on comparison between bubbler and radar gauges (4.49 MB)   
Comparison of a radar and float gauge at Haifa Boris Shirman (SOI, Israel) Presentation from Israel comparing radar and float gauges (886 kB)   
Comparative tests with radar, acoustic and float gauges at Brest and Le Conquet Ronan Le Roy (SHOM, France) Presentation from France comparing radar, acoustic and float gauges (6.41 MB)   
Test of the Miros SM-094 sensor at NOAA Mark Bushnell (NOAA, USA) USA presentation on Miros radar sensor (5.30 MB)   
Experience with the Vega radar gauge on a buoy Lutz Eberlein (Technical University of Dresden)  Download pdf from Technical University of Dresden on the Vega radar gauge (1.01 MB)  
Float gauges: 
Cost effective ways of providing digital data from float gauges  Daniel Hareide (Norwegian Hydrographic Service) Presentation from Norway on digital data from float gauges (4.55 MB)   
Digilevel gauge: 
A report of the Digilevel gauge in Brazil Marcelo Fricks Cavalcante (DHN, Brazil) Presentation from Brazil on the Digilevel gauge (1.04 MB)   
Comparison experiments: 
Comparisons of several technologies at the Spanish test site  Belen Martin (Puertos del Estado, Spain)  Presentation comparing tide gauges at Spanish test site (3.43 MB)   
Comparisons of gauges in Germany Christoph Blasi (BfAG, Germany) Presentation comparing tide gauges in Germany (2.79 MB)   
Data loggers (Sutron, Vitel ...) and real time transmission methods: (Orbcomm, Iridium, modems) David Meldrum (SAMS, UK) with input from Peter Foden (POL, UK) UK presentation comparing data loggers and transmission methods (WARNING: 17.35 MB)   
On line quality control software: 
Display software for harbour unit Dov Rosen (IOLR, Israel) Presentation from Israel on display software for harbour units (4.52 MB)   
'Special Needs' statements: 
Needs of GLOSS - GLOSS Adequacy Report and need for 'plug and play', 'turn key GLOSS packages' comprising gauge, DCP, met station etc. (Also review of GCOS Adequacy report including GPS@TG, reinforcement of regional networks etc.) Thorkild Aarup (IOC)  Presentation from IOC on needs of GLOSS (43 kB)   
Special needs of 'hostile regions' (i.e. polar regions): Pressure gauges in Kergulen, Crozet, St Paul and Dumont d'Urville Laurent Testut (LEGOS, France)  Presentation from France on gauges in hostile regions (8.59 MB)   
Needs of IHO/IALA  Steve Shipman (IHO) with input from Jillian Carson-Jackson (IALA)  Presentation on the needs of IHO/IALA from GLOSS (2.04 MB)   
Needs of Tsunami Warning System - Gaps and improvement of the Tsunami sea-level network in the Pacific Region F. Schindele (Chair IOC/ITSU) Presentation on the Pacific Region Tsunami Warning System (7.85 MB)   
Comments from COOP Keith Thompson (Dalhousie University, Canada)  Presentation on requirements of COOP from GLOSS (61 kB)   
Short presentations by invited manufacturers: 
OTT Hydrometry Simon Wills Presentation from OTT Hydrometry (7.95 MB)   
Miros SM-094 Range Finder gauge (Presentation of sensor, principles of design and associated software. References on past, present and foreseen uses)  Rune Gangeskar Presentation on Miros SM-094 Range Finder gauge (1.83 MB)   
Aanderaa Anders Tengberg  Presentation from Aanderaa (30.92 MB)  Go to the top of this page
PART II: Geodetic developments
Overview of issues relating to the measurement of vertical land movements at tide gauges Hans-Peter Plag (NMA, Norway)  Download pdf of presentation from Norway on vertical land movements at tide gauges (1.99 MB)   
GPS time series and reference frame issues Zuheir Altamimi (IGN, France)  Presentation from IGN, France on GPS reference frame issues (521 kB)   
Status of GPS networks near to tide gauges and the IGS TIGA and ESEAS data archives Guy Woppelmann (Univ. of La Rochelle, France) Presentation on GPS networks near to tide gauges and the IGS TIGA archive (464 kB)   
Developments with AG Simon Williams (POL, UK) UK presentation on absolute gravity (2.40 MB)   
Experiments at Brest on GPS, tide gauges and AG  Marie-Francoise Lalancette (SHOM, France) Presentation from France on GPS, tide gauges and absolute gravity (15.01 MB)   
Developments with DORIS  Laurent Soudarin and Jean-Francois Cretaux (CNES, France)  French presentation on developments with DORIS (874 kB)  
Developments in satellite altimetry calibration (ALT) Gary Mitchum (Univ. South Florida, USA) USA presentation on developments in satellite altimetry calibration (210 kB)   
Multiple RA calibration over Lake Erie and S. Pacific C K Shum (OSU, USA)  Download pdf of USA presentation on RA calibration over Lake Erie and S. Pacific (2.92 MB)   
The new Italian tide gauges Gabriele Nardone (APAT) Presentation on new Italian tide gauges (4.63 MB)  Go to the top of this page
PART III: QC and data centre developments
An automatic acquisition/quality control/fast delivery software for real time acquisition of the data coming from the ROSAME network (Sao Tome)   Philippe Techine (LEGOS) Presentation from France on ROSAME network (397 kB)  
JCOMM OPS (in situ Observing Platform Support) Centre in Toulouse Etienne Charpentier Presentation on JCOMM OPS centre in Toulouse (4.35 MB)   
GLOSS delayed-mode and archive centre (i.e. BODC/PSMSL) Elizabeth Bradshaw Presentation on GLOSS delayed-mode archive centre (975 kB)   
Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) Philip Woodworth Presentation on the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (1.70 MB)   
CPACC/RONMAC Shelley-Ann Jules-Moore Presentation on CPACC/RONMAC (617 kB)   
Puerto del Estado (Spain) Sea Level Software Begona Perez Presentation from Puertos del Estado (Spain) on sea level software (996 kB)   
ESEAS project (European Sea Level Service) Maria-Jesus Garcia Presentation on the European Sea Level Service (272 kB)  Go to the top of this page