Technical forum

GLOSS Experts Meeting No.10 Technical Workshop presentations

Workshop on Real-time Transmission and Processing Techniques.

Tuesday 5 June 2007, IOC, UNESCO, 1 Rue Miollis, Paris

The presentations here are a reflection of the Workshop Agenda.

The presentations are password protected so that only the authors may alter them. To open the PowerPoint presentations, click on the PowerPoint icon, select 'Open' and then select 'Read Only'. Many files are over 1 MB in size.

Real-Time Transmission and Processing Techniques
Tsunami warning instrumentation transmitting real time data over the internet via a GPRS link Leslie Bradley (POL, UK) Presentation from UK on transmitting real time data (3.89 MB)  
ODINAFRICA – Recent installations and upgrading of tide gauge sites Peter Foden / Jeff Pugh (POL, UK) Presentation of installations and upgrading of tide gauges in Africa (2.26 MB)  
Real time sea level monitoring data communication using VSAT Parluhutan Manurung (BAKOSURTANAL, Indonesia) Presentation on real time sea level monitoring in Indonesia (981 kB)  
Automatic quality control of 1-minute water level data Hanne Hodnesdal (NHS, Norway) Presentation on automatic QC of tide gauge data in Norway (252 kB)  
Water levels real time monitoring in the Northern Adriatic Sea Maurizio Ferla (APAT, Italy) Presentation on real time water level monitoring in the Northern Adriatic (1.37 MB)  
Detection of tsunami and other sea level induced hazards using low latency sea level measurements - A conceptual approach Dov Rosen (IOLR, Israel) Presentation on tsunami and other hazard detection (313 kB)  
The establishment of a tsunami warning system in the Australasian region Bill Mitchell (BoM, Australia) Presentation on Australasian tsunami warning system (1.37 MB)  
U.S. National Water Level Program (NWLP) Advancements in operational environmental assessment & prediction Michael Szabados (NOAA , USA) Presentation on U.S. National Water Level Program (3.90 MB)  
European capacity in operational oceanography Patrick Gorringe (SMHI, Sweden) Presentation on European capacity in operational oceanography (7.04 MB)  
Turkish national sea level monitoring system (TUDES) Mehmet Simav (GCM , Turkey) Presentation of Turkish national sea level monitoring system (301 kB)  
Application of radar gauges to measure the water level and the sea state Christoph Blasi (BfAG, Germany) Presentation on radar gauges used to measure water level and sea state (487 kB)  
Presentations by invited manufacturers
Autonomous remote sensing of water level and waves - The LOG_aLevel® - system Volker Muller (General Acoustics GmbH, Germany) Presentation on LOG_aLevel system (1.37 MB)   
Miros SM-094 RangeFinder as sea level sensor: The latest developments, verification and experience Elisabeth Nost (Miros AS, Norway) Presentation on Miros SM-094 RangeFinder (6.03 MB)  
The Waveguide radar for permanent observation of sea level, tides, storm surge, tsunamis, seiches, swell and wind waves Tom Van der Vlugt (Radac, Netherlands) Presentation on Waveguide radar (1.42 MB)