Network status

Status of the core network

GLOSS core network status as of December 2010 can be summarised in terms of the latest data received by the PSMSL for each station in the network. The network is divided into four 'Status Categories' (Category 1 being the most "operational and up-to-date").

GLOSS 2010 network status map

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The Station Handbook page provides an interactive map, which shows the current GLOSS network status and allows access to individual entries in the GLOSS Station Handbook.

GLOSS status can also viewed via JCOMMOPS operational status along with maps showing the status of other JCOMM programmes (DBCP, Argo, SOOP etc.).

General descriptions of sea level recording in each country and region

The Publications page provides descriptions of sea level recording in each country and region. These reports provide overviews within which the detailed GLOSS Handbook information may be better understood.

For more detailed information on recording in Africa, see the special GLOSS-Africa web site. Contributions of news, views etc. are welcomed by Charles Magori.

Review and position papers are also available for many regions, including

Information on each station

The GLOSS Station Handbook has been constructed in order to provide further information on each of the tide gauges in GLOSS. The Handbook files also provide links to data available from each site.